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BOOMER And The Journey To Service

BOOMER, our youngest Golden Retriever puppy in training to be a Guide Dog, dropped by for a visit, recently.

He just turned one last month, so our young lad is growing up.  He’ll soon be returning to Guide Dog School for more training.

Boomer paid us a visit at Seaside Sisters and he gave their new expansion several tale wags!  He also posed for pictures with everyone and even did a little modeling for our Mermaid Cottages section in the shop.

He has a very passionate soul and is super vigilant, so he will be the perfect service companion to a person with disabilities some day.

We’re  just glad we get to be his biggest cheerleaders and we’re honored to take this journey with him.  We love having Boomer in our neighborhood for visits!

Take a look at Boomer’s visit to Seaside Sisters

Boomer\’s Journey




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