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Month: May 2011

Live Like a Local: Tybee Community Garden

Here on Tybee, we are always on the lookout for ways to conserve, preserve, and promote environmental awareness. One such project that includes all of those things is the Tybee Community Garden!

This season is off and running! The garden is meant to be a place where the entire community can experience the benefits of growing, gardening, and taking care of our local environment.The first work day this year was March 13th, but you can still get in on the fun! The garden produces year-round and is completely self sustaining. Participants of the project collect rain water and condensation from around the island to water…no city resources are used! There’s even a composting area that uses nature to provide nutrients for all the growing plants.

Plots are available on a first come first served basis, and it is $50 for a 4×8 foot growing space. For information on available plots, and anything else you might need, contact Karen Kelly at 912-786-9719 or email

Currently, the garden is for individual consumption and swapping, but hopefully we will see it blossom into a local market with fresh produce for sale! New members are welcome, as long as there are vacant plots available, so make sure to call for information! The garden can always use more supplies, like hoses, rain barrels, and such, so there are plenty of ways to lend a hand!

Last year was so much fun! Just look at some of the plots we had, and the harvest we enjoyed!

Just one of the beautiful plots last year! Check out the Tybee Community Garden Facebook page for more!

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty, working the soil, and harvesting your bounty! Visit Tybee’s Community Garden next time you’re on the island. Its located between the YMCA and the Old School. Stop by, or better yet, reserve a plot and help keep Tybee green! We’d love to see you there!

Mermaid Sightings: Real Life Mermaids!

This has to be the coolest thing ever! Our friend Rob from Erie, Pennsylvania shared this with us and of course, we had to share it with you! Real life mermaids…how exciting!!!

Have you seen a mermaid? We’d love to hear about it! Please send your sightings to and let us share it with our readers right here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Mermaid Tales: Sea Turtle Friendly Cottages

photo by Amy Gray Capello, from the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page

It’s sea turtle season on Tybee Island, and that means we are more conscious than ever about how our environment affects these amazing and beautiful creatures! It is so very important, especially for cottages right on the beach, to be aware of light pollution. Light pollution- from both indoor and outdoor sources -can have a negative impact on any nocturnal wildlife, especially our beloved sea turtles. Brightly lit areas discourage females from nesting as well as disorient new hatchlings, drawing them away from the ocean and toward dangers-a-plenty. If you are visiting Tybee during sea turtle season from May 1st thru Oct 31st, the most important thing to remember  is that it is Lights Out for Sea Turtles time!


photo by Layla and Kevin Palmer of

Mermaid Cottages cares immensely about this cause and we do everything we can to insure our beach front cottages- Doyle’s on the Beach and Crabby Jo’s -are super sea turtle friendly! We even support the Tybee Sea Turtle Project through sales of our very own Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee! You know, these precious marine treasures face enough natural dangers as it is, so we need to do everything possible to get them their best chance at a long, healthy life!


So, how in the world can you make a difference? Well, check out this wonderful list of simple steps from!


Having alternative, sea turtle friendly lighting is a great way to have lights where you need them and still be sea turtle friendly, but it’s just a good habit to close shades after dark, remove all obstacles from the beach, and turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use. And hey, those good green habits no matter where you are!

We are very proud of our efforts, and the efforts of Tybee Island, to be sea turtle friendly! We hope you are too!

1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized: THE KISS

Antony and Cleopatra…Rhett and Scarlett…Lady and The Tramp.

It’s the great kisses that we remember.

Just like at dusk when the waters start rippling as the mermaids all gather in the sea…singing their siren songs…wafting their voices just above the waves…

Luring the Sun closer and closer…down into the sea…you can hear the sizzle as the fire ball melts into the waters around Tybee Island.

Whether you’re popping the top of a cold one on the south beach or savoring the salt around the rim of the Coco-ritas up on the rooftop deck at Coco’s Sunset Grille or clinking together  long slender flutes of champagne outside one of our vintage cottages on Venetian Drive along the back river…it’s the kiss you’ll remember…forever…

Come closer…kiss me, you fool…

The Tybee Sun Kisses The Sea


1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized: Preservation Matters

May is National Preservation Month so get out and enjoy the vintage wonders of Tybee Island!  Our city, our councils, our businesses and our residents are on board to save, conserve, restore and celebrate our historic treasures.  Our vintage island landmarks are waiting to share their history and lore with you!

Get Tybee-ized at Georgia’s Easy To Reach Beach!