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BARKING NEWS!  We have a new column that debuts today.

One of our frequent pet guests is the wonderful Madeline Belle Reed (“Maddie” to her fur pals on Tybee).


Since her first visit to Tybee, Maddie fell in love with our wonderful Tybee Tides Cottage. Graciously, Maddie allows us to welcome other guests to this marvelous marsh manor in between the times she brings her humans to visit.

Last week, Maddie shared some of her most recent Tybee adventures with our readers and she was such a hit we’ve offered her the position of ROVER reporter.  The final terms of her contract are confidential, but let’s just say a girl can always use a few extra Beach Bum Biscuits.  So, here for your enjoyment is Maddies’ new blog!

Pets And The City…Confessions Of A Tybee Pawty Girl!

By Madeline Belle Reed, ROVER Reporter

While munching a Beach Bum Biscuit and day dreaming about Tybee Island, I realized some of you may need more detailed information before feeling comfortable.  Even though Miss Diane and the wonderful Mermaid Cottages staff can help your humans with ANYthing, they really can’t give the proper pet perspective.  I have decided it is up to me to share what I’ve learned on my six visits.

Today I’m going to talk about something you can never have too many of….Beach Bum Biscuits!  Wait, sorry, I meant to say friends.  As I mentioned in my last blog it is very easy to make friends on Tybee.  I like to meet both guests to the island as well as locals.  When meeting a new friend always ask where they are from.  Telling others you have friends from all-over makes you sound very worldly around the water bowl at your local doggie park.  I personally have met friends from such exotic locals as England, Canada, and Ellijay, GA!

My favorite friends are the locals because I get to see them each time I visit.  Last trip I got to meet Miss Diane’s dogs, Sophie and Danny.  Sophie was very friendly and I think could have been fun to play with if we just didn’t have to keep our humans on a leash.  Danny was very nice, but he is a bit of a celebrity and has an image to maintain. 

Sophie (L) and Danny (R)

Dudley is one of my favorite friends.  He has very long ears and short legs.  My mommy says he is a basset hound.  Dudley is a world-class sniffer.  If you have any questions about sniffing on Tybee he’s the one to ask.

Another friend is Remy.  He is a doberman but don’t worry, he’s very nice.  Remy’s parents own a store named Latitude 32 that my mommy and daddy like.  I like it too because they always say it’s okay for me to come inside!

Finally there’s Olivia.  My mommy says she’s a Great Dane.  I think that is some breed of horse.  She is VERY big but really sweet.  Her mommy recently purchased the old Hunter House and is renovating it.  If your human is like my mommy and loves to talk renovation be prepared to find a nice shady spot for awhile and insist you need a Beach Bum Biscuit while you wait.

I hope this has been helpful to you and who knows maybe some day we’ll meet on Tybee!  Until next time, keep your tail up and your nose to the ground!

Madeline Belle Reed
ROVER Reporter




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