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Month: July 2011

Tybee Island Turtle News

Tybee Island Sea Turtle ProjectIt has been a busy nesting season so far here on Tybee, and it got a lot busier last Monday! Nest One, on North Beach, finally hatched! The Tybee Sea Turtle Project workers and volunteers were keeping watch and began to see activity around eight-thirty that evening. By ten o’clock, about 80 to 100 baby sea turtles made a successful trip to the ocean with the help of several wonderful volunteers and even some island visitors.

It’s so exciting to know our first nest of the season has hatched! Our turtles are super special to us here on Tybee, but they seem to be important to the entire Savannah area as well! There was even a feature story about Tybee’s sea turtles on…check out the video!

That’s not all of our sea turtle nest either! Nest number eight for Tybee was found Friday morning! It had to be relocated higher up in the dunes, but everything is fine and it contained 72 eggs. Nests two and three are both closing in on their 50 day mark next week as well and volunteers will be watching closely for the next nest to hatch!

photo from The Georgia Sea Turtle Center website

Amazing stuff, right?! Well you know, Tybee isn’t just concerned about our sea turtles. Our island is also home to Diamondback Terrapins, and this is also the time of year these brackish water dwellers lay their eggs. Unfortunately, a lot of them have to trek across busy HWY 80 to do so. Cars and turtles just don’t mix, so please be aware of our Diamondback terrapins as you drive to and from Tybee this time of year!

photo from The Georgia Sea Turtle Center website

These beautiful turtles are a “species of concern” here in Georgia, as they are in many other states. That means their numbers are dwindling and they could soon become threatened, or worse…endangered or eventually extinct. For more information, check out these Georgia Sea Turtle Center articles, Diamondback Terrapin and Diamondback Terrapins and Roads. So please, watch out for our nesting terrapins as well as our sea turtles when you come for a visit! We’ll certainly appreciate it, and we’re sure the turtles will be pretty thankful, too!

It Is Easy To Be Green After All

Being Green
What You Can Do for a “Greener” Visit to Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island, GA

Save Electricity
– Slay “Vampire Power” by turning off all lights, TVs, DVDs & computers when not in
– Use the outdoor clothesline to dry your clothes (they smell good too!)
– Open the windows turn on the ceiling fans and enjoy the ocean breezes!
– Use Cold, not Hot in the washing machine
– Draw your curtains/blinds during the heat of the day

Save Fuel and Drive Less
– Walk, ride bikes, rent scooters or electric cars!
– Save gas and have more fun – Tybee is better enjoyed moving SLOW!

– Glass, plastic, cans, newspapers: use the home’s green recycling container

Reduce, Reuse
– Take your own bags to the grocery store
– Use Dish Cloths and cloth napkins and less paper products

Conserve Water
– While brushing teeth, turn water off, and use a cup of water to cleanse mouth of
– Use dishwasher only when completely full with dirty dishes
– Take shorter showers with tepid water

What Mermaid Cottages is Doing to Keep Things Green

– Installing Compact Fluorescent light bulbs in all of our homes
– Lo-flow water-saving devices are installed in all bathrooms and outdoor showers
– All our cleaning products are eco-friendly
– Energy audits for all our homes to see how we can save more energy
– Planting drought resistant and local plants to help conserve water



Fifi Flowers And Her Next Pet Card Collection

Hey, Wag Pack!  You’ve got one more day to get your pet picture in to Fifi Flowers to be considered for her next Pet Card Collection!

Sunday, July 24 is the deadline, so share your favorite photo of your pet pal and it may be included in the next collection.

Mr. Fripp entered his photo and you can, too!

To be considered for the collection, post your favorite pet photo to Fifi Flowers Facebook  Page or email your photo to Fifi Flowers.  The limit is one photo submission per household and the deadline is by 12 Noon Pacific Time on July 24.

If your photo is chosen, your pet will be included in the next pet card collection and you’ll be invited to purchase a pet portrait of your furiend at a special discount price.

All proceeds from the sales of the pet card collection go to support and sponsor dogs to be trained as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.

Fifi Flowers Pet Card Collection and Beach Bum Biscuits are a winning combination and a great way to support Socially Responsible Vacations!








To Janma’s House We Go

by Cottage Cheese

Over the river and through the woods that frame the picturesque streets on Tybee Island…to Janma’s house we go!

Mermaid Cottages is proud to welcome one of our youngest mermaids in training, Miss Breana!

Breana is the 4 1/2 year old granddaughter of our own Mermaid Jan.

When Breana last visited she was just 3 and she climbed all the way to the top of our historic Tybee Lighthouse.

“Don’t stop, Janma!  All the way to the top!

Janma now says the best way to climp to the top of the lighthouse is with a three year old.  They take it steady and slow.

This visit, Breana is looking forward to Dolphin Tours, the Tybee Marine Science Center, the beach, feeding alligators, and of course, Janma, Pop and Aunt Shannon!  Aunt Shannon has a great hill, so Breana will have a Slip N Slide party, too!

 After all, that’s what Tybee life is all about.

Mermaid Jan has her own special way of tossing up curds.  Something tells us she just might be persuaded to do it Breana’s whey for a few days.

Oh, it always helps if your loved ones’ visits include a stay at one of our vintage cottages like the wonderful Canty’s Cottage.  Take a little walk through tour and you’ll see what we mean:

Share your joy for life with those you love.

It’s the best kind of Cottage Cheese!







TODAY Show Feature!!!

WOW! We have exciting news to share…Mermaid Cottages’ own Pink Flamingo Cottage was featured on The TODAY Show a few days ago! The feature aired July 15th and was part of Barbara Corcoran’s Real Estate segment. You can see the pictures online here or just watch the segement for yourself!

Everyone at Mermaid Cottages is elated and we want to voice a huge congratulations to Renee, the owner of Pink Flamingo Cottage, on the national TV feature! How exciting to see people talking about Tybee, right there on the TODAY Show!

Did that segment whet your appetite? Have you been dreaming of owning your own piece of paradise on Tybee Island? Well, we have news for you! You could be the proud new owner of this very cottage. That’s right! You could make Pink Flamingo Cottage your personal Tybee Island getaway. If you are interested in purchasing this adorable, cozy cottage, please contact Bonnie Gaster at Tybee Real Estate today!