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Month: July 2008

Recent Guests and their fun times!

We love our guests! We love hearing how much fun they’re having while on their getaway from real life . Here are two recent visitors and the photo’s they sent. The Flip Flop cupcake/ cake was created by the Huff, Moss and Jones girls weekend group who stayed at- where else- Flip Flop Cottage!
In their own words “We are having the best girls weekend ever! 2 Sisters, 1 Sister in law, 3 daughter and one grand daughter thrown in for good measure.”

The bike/ dog pictures are from Vicky Smith, one of our regular visitors. These are her two daughter, Emily and Jessie and their two dogs Rascal and Holli.
Don’t forget to go to our Mermaid Cottages Social network to see all sorts of pictures and comments from our guests. We’d love you to join and then post pictures and tell everyone about the fun things you did while on your island visit. Just go to : then sign up. Super easy to post pictures, add comments , even add events important to you that you’d like to share and of course- blog about your stay. The more everyone can share the more fun for everyone!

This Weekend on the Island

Three fun events are happening this weekend on the Island!
1. Side walk sale at Seaside Sisters Saturday and Sunday. 10AM- 6PM both days.
2. Tybee Prom– an annual favorite for locals and visitors alike. Saturday July 26th
Though proms of the past were famous for their punch and cookies, the Tybee Prom will bow to the pressure to have “serious” food. Inside the Legion, your prom ticket to benefit Tybee Beautification will entitle you to bar snacks — nuts, Chex Mix, and M&Ms. Outside the Legion, the Marine Rescue Squadron will be selling their WORLD FAMOUS HOMEMADE BRUNSWICK STEW to benefit MRS! This is not your ordinary stew, but rather a hearty mix with everything in it including chicken, BBQ, and some secret ingredients. And a cup of stew will be a lot easier to eat without having to sit at a table. After all, this is a dance…not a dinner! J Please pass the word and bring some cash! Thanks for your support of these two vital Tybee volunteer organizations!
Tybee Prom, Saturday, Tybee American Legion, 7 pm to midnight, Music by the Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love, Psychedelic Summer of Love, Tickets $20 a person at the door. Please call 272-9200 for more information. There will be a spotted volunteer photographer, Miki Skelton, taking photos at the Prom.
To see photos of last year’s prom, please go to
As you can see, anything goes…..
3. Christmas in July Sunday July 27th , The World Famous Doc’s Bar
You Ask why Christmas In July?
Because we can, and it’s Tybee Island, and we do things different here so there.
Turkey Dinner With All The Trimmings $10.00
Christmas Carols
The Sexiest Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus On The Island Making Your Wishes Come True
Wine Tasting With Tybee’s Dee Herb And Quality Wine, 6 Different Wines ($5.00 charge for all 6)
Party Starts At 3:00 And Goes On Till New Years Eve
Dinner At 3:30 Until It’s All Gone
Deserts By Tybee’s Best. Bring Your Favorite To The Party Or Go To The IGA And Buy Something
Santa’s Elves Tending The Bar All Day Long Visit the website just to see Santa….only on Tybee…..
Have a fun weekend! And let us know about your experiences if you go to any or all!


Tybee Breeze Magazine


We have this great local FREE publication on Tybee that everyone reads- both our visitors and our locals. Shannon and Sundi Marino are the publishers/ editors and do a great job capturing the quirkness and charm of our Island. We make sure all our homes have the current issue for our guests to enjoy because it’s just so much fun. 

The current issue has outdone itself- and the best part is, none of this was written tongue in cheek- but real ads and articles. Here’s what had me LOL last night when I read the current issue. This is an ad for The Crab Cab ( how smart is that name!) which is the only on island taxi cab. Here’s what the Ad reads:
Cab Driver Wanted:
  • Full or part time
  • Must be Tybee resident
  • Must be able to work some late nights
  • Paid in cash every day
  • Great for retire male or female
  • Good driving record a must
  • No drunks or druggies
  • Call 912 441 3304

Now what has me laughing is where else but in Tybee ( or prehaps Key West) do we have to spell out we don’t want drunks or druggies driving our cabs….

So while here, please feel confidant that you can indeed call The Crab Cab and have sober and clean drivers!

To learn more about the Breeze- go to


Thursday night with the mermaids

What began as a pre theatre dinner gathering turned out to be a fun filled evening with a group of our mermaids! We had actually planned to have a little “we’re glad our friend Mary Kay Andrews is in town” party and then head off to the YMCA gym to watch the little play written by one of our locals theatre folks. But Mary Kay couldn’t make it down so the party must go on! In fact about an hour into the evening someone say- hey where’s Mary Kay! And we raised a glass of wine to toast her . I served fresh, fresh, fresh (right off the shrimp boats today fresh) shrimp. And Wine. And assorted goodies others brought. The shrimp were delicious!

Here is the recipe that will make your company swoon. Of course it helps when they are this fresh, but still a easy and yummy way to cook shrimp.

Bring a pot of water to a full boil. Dump your shrimp in the pot and let cook for maybe 3 minutes and they turn pink. Take them off the stove and pour into a colander. Immediately put ice on top to cool. Let sit for about 5 minutes. Pour into a big bowl and sprinkle with a very free hand Old Bay Seasoning. Toss and add one lemon cut into quarters. Serve with home made cocktail sauce!

Birds and Bees and my flower box!

My flower box in front of my house continues to attract the birds and the bees! I’ve had a number of bumble bees enjoying the flowers and today -yet another ruby throated hummingbird!! Appartently there is a nationwide decline in bumble bees- which is NOT a good thing, but my wild native flowers is attracting them here to me! There is a website for everything in the world and bumble bees are no exception. visit and you can learn everything you need, including the specific type of window box to plant to attract more of these hard working little guys. This is a picture I took of my flower box, you can’t see the bumble bee ( I wasn’t fast enough to get the picture of the humingbird either!). BTW , if you haven’t read the comments on the last blog I did on humingbirds, go back and read what one expert added about these little birds. Great reading!