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My 3 Very Southern Friends, their Blogs & why I love them!

I’m still pondering why I love Blogs and Blogging so much. It may be why I love reality TV shows, politics and people watching. It’s your chance to see people at their best. And I always believe we will see people this way if we try. I also just love to Blog. It’s my chance to be creative, to recap my life – as much for me to see what I’m doing and accomplishing as to share with others about life on the island.

I also love the fact that at mid life, I’m learning something new! I’ve always been ADD and school was always very hard when it came to studying, tests and the drama of grades . However, at this middle stage of my life, I’ve found great joy in the learning of how to set up blogs, social networks, posting pictures, searching the internet for info to enhance my blog ( the magic of youtube.com ) even how to use my hand me down digital camera ! I truly am amazed by this skill I’ve acquired at 52 almost 53 years of age!

Another part of the learning is the fun of discovering other people’s Blogs, both friends and complete strangers! Here are the blogs of three people I know, admire and think are just great!

Take some time, read about their adventures and enjoy. You won’t be bored, I promise!

Mary Kay Andrews – author Amy Rhodes- amazing person
Pam Martin- Artist




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