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My Car Free Weekend Adventures

The price of gas jumped almost $1.00 a gallon from Wednesday to Friday! I decided to keep working on changing my behavior to help our country not be so dependent on oil . I know it’s a small step, but if all of us did one small step a day, it will make a big difference for all .
This weekend I only walking or riding my bike anywhere I need to go on the island. Definitely not a hardship at all, but pure fun. I always encourage all my guests to park their cars and ride a bike the entire time they’re here , so I decided to take my own advice!
BTW- we only recommend renting bikes from http://www.timsbeachgear.com/ Tim will deliver right to your cottage from door- doesn’t get any easier then that does it!

I started the weekend walking the dogs. What a walk! The Georgia Hog Rally is here on Tybee– Harley riders everywhere. FYI for all, this group is just great!!!! Any group that would have a loggerhead sea turtle as their logo for the weekend had to be terrific. Alot of our guests and potential guests were extremely worried about the noise, crowds and general craziness. No such problem. The Harleys and their riders are in full gear, here to enjoy the destination and have fun, but not disrupt anyone. We love these folks and hope they’ll return next year!!! Walking the dogs I saw a regular parade of riders pass us on Chatham Ave. The best was the “yellow lady”. Yellow Harley, Yellow Leather, Yellow Helmet and yes- YELLOW HIGH HEELS!!! http://www.gastatehogrally.com/

Saturday was also the day we were working to make sure everyone is registered to vote in the fall election. We were at North Beach Grill ( 912 786 9003) , great band, beautiful day – Thank you Big George offering your great spot to help people register to vote. Remember, you need to be registered by early October- doesn’t matter who you’re supporting- JUST VOTE! Here is a link if you not registered and need to know what to do. our new one-stop voter registration website.
I concluded Saturday trying a new recipe– Chocolate Apricot Cake- a dense fudge like cake… Apricots soaked in Bourbon starts the recipe…. if anyone is interested, post a comment and I”ll include the recipe for all in a future blog.
We’ll see what Sunday brings riding only on my bike !

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