Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Los Angeles is a different world but I love it!





What a fun couple of days in this gorgeous part of the world. Imagine a place without 99% humidity! A place where there aren’t any no seen em’s or mosquitoes. Blue Sky, sunshine, beautifully coiffed people! And great wine at every venue! Here’s a recap of some of my LA experiences so far.
  • Gas Stations. Look at this sign. They sell all those gases that T. Boone is pushing on TV. Including the cooking oil from McDonald’s that you can use to run your car. I had to take a picture of this.

  • Cupcake Heaven! I thought Sprinkles was great, but Susie Cakes DOES take the cake! This is an actual picture of Susie herself who happened to be in her shop training her team. She calls her shop “An All- American Home-Style Bake Shop” and she is right. Her signature cupcakes are “frosting filled” and if you’re a cupcake eater like me, the frosting is always the best part. She also makes “whoopy pies” which are to die for chocolate thick rich cookies with butter cream frosting in between. 1 will fill 3 people. Give yourself the treat of visiting her website until you can make the pilgrimage there in person. http://www.susiecakesla.com/

  • Lilly- my friend Cindy’s dog, is sporting her Susie Cakes cupcake dog collar. After all, she does live in LA! Lilly is the beloved dog of Cindy , my dear friend who drove me all over LA to show me every possible corner she could in 2 days.

  • My haircut and color. I did take a picture of the “before,” but decided the “after “was so much better. These are the two owners of Juan Juan who are actually the stylist and colorist to the stars. They also take normal folks like me and turn our flat brown hair into full blondish stylish wonder! Ellie and Sean, ( brother and sister) are pictured here, as nice as they are handsome and beautiful. Ellie is spending the next three days working with the Emmy Awards coloring any and all the stars who come by the Emmy Mansion for a little work before the shows Sunday night. http://www.juanjuan.com/ and their services are worth every single hard earned penny!!!

  • Drinks with my former boss, Stephen and Cindy at Casa Del Mar, Hotel by the Sea in Santa Monica. This old restored hotel is owned by the same people who own Shutters in Santa Monica and is right next door. Both are on the beach overlooking the pacific and the place for sunset and wine. Couldn’t have been more fun to visit, get caught up , sip a perfectly aged glass of California Chardonnay and enjoy a plate of artisan cheese , bread and fig jam- the taste truly worked believe it or not! We all admired these 2 couple who walked in and sat a few table from us, the one lady because she has such GREAT style and this amazing hair cut with her natural gray. Especially in LA you just don’t always see women embracing their true self! She looked so great, we went over to her on the way out, told her so, and then ended up taking our picture together. She was celebrating her birthday in great style. Turns out she’s been written about in an article in the LA Times for having her hair natural. The spontaneity of travel at it’s best! Visit http://www.hotelcasadelmar.com/ to see more of this gorgeous hotel.
  • Stay tuned for more tales from the coast…

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