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Dancing with the Stars and Cloris

Yes, there is yet another reality show that has captured my ADD attention. Maybe it’s the bright shiny dance costumes! I’m officially hooked so I should be in good shape until January when American Idol rolls back into our lives . I’m hooked because we Americans always love people who try and work hard and don’t really mind if the world is watching. Cloris Leachman aka Phylis from the Mary Tyler Moore Show is now 82 years old and after 3 years of trying, finally was accepted to be part of the show. She can’t move like most of the others, but she is an entertainer of world class size! She received a standing ovation after her first dance this week. And she’s having so much fun! What a woman!
My second favorite person to watch is the former Professional Football Player, Warren Sapp. He must way 350lbs, but watch his feet move! Watch him sweat! Watch is huge smile as he sucessfully manuevers those very complicated dance moves!


In this time of true stress in our country, tune in on Monday Nights for a little bit of sheer joy!


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