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This is why I came to DC

This is why I love America……I was part of over a Million people today celebrating our country. We all laughed and cried, we sang and danced , we made friends with the people around us, we all were bursting with pride to just be together and to be Americans. We waited outside in the cold for a couple of hours, then stayed outside another two hours to hear the best music in the world performed by artists who were as excited to be there as we were. Then when it was all over and a Million people were leaving at the same time, no one complained, no one pushed, we all just kept smiling and singing and moved out together.

This city is completely prepared for all the millions who’ve come to “their city” to celebrate. The Mall has over 27 jumbotrons set up to watch the festivities. So even though I was back by the Washington Monument, I was right by the one of the huge screens so we could not only hear the music and speeches, but see the huge screen. Great planning on behalf of the city!

We sang with Garth Brooks “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” and then we danced and sang to “Shout.” A few groups later Bono and U2 sang “In the name of Love “and I don’t know who had bigger smiles on their faces- them or all of us in the audience who sang along with them word for word. Literally, the ENTIRE MALL was singing and dancing!!!!
Today and this week is all about being part of something bigger then ourselves . We all want our country and ourselves to come thru all the trouble and problems we are facing ….. One man cannot change and fix all the problems we have in our country and world. Each of us have to step forward and do our part to help our country.

I wouldn’t have missed today for the world and wish everyone could have been there with me! There was one other person from Tybee Island with me- John Mellancamp sang “Little Pink Houses” and represented Tybee well!
On the way back to Donna’s home, I walked thru the mall and came across a place I thought only existed in fantasy land…. or on TV… but, there is was…… the inauguration home base for MSNBC!!!!! I plan to hang out there all day tomorrow, waiting for my favorites to appear! Keith! Andrea! Chris! Rachael!! Even those other people who’s names I don’t know but watch all day Monday- Friday! Tomorrow will be a big day, I actually am starting very early, we’re heading to The Dubliner– a local irish pub here on Capital Hill where they’ll be broadcasting my one of favorite show from MSNBC– Morning Joe!!!! Yep, we’ll be there at 6AM when the show starts, so stay tune in from 6AM- 9AM!
PS- I returned back to Donna’s via a pedi cab! Hey- I’m doing everything I can to experience the city and what a better way then in the back seat of a bicycle cab!!! I was so nice and warm, thank you Penny for loaning me that full down coat!

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