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I’m heading to Washington, DC……

I’m so excited…. I’m on my journey North heading to DC ( stopping along the way to visit friends and family) to be part of this great Democratic Process of Peaceful Transfer of Power. I do not have tickets to any event, but plan to be at the Lincoln Memorial for the Sunday free concert ( Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Arthea…..) I’ll hopefully be part of the National Service Day on Monday, but most of all I’ll be one of the Millions of Americans standing in the cold @ 11AM on Tuesday when the new President is inaugurated. The parade starts 2PM and I also plan to be on the street cheering on all those marching bands ( maybe getting some ideas for our Marching Mermaid parade unit for the Tybee Parades!)

I drove up to Charlotte, NC last night staying with Penny. Incredible dinner at a little Viet Nam restaurant and getting all caught up. She just returned from two weeks in Egypt and spent time at one of my favorite museums in the world- the Egyptian museum in Cairo…. then I left Charlotte to drive further North to my parents for the night. The Interstates I was on- I77 and I81 were full of tour buses and cars heading to DC as well. Many of them had markings all over them, DC here we come, Our date with history 1-20-09, just lots of fun!

Katie and I went to the Clinton Inauguration 16 years ago and we adored the experience despite the bitter cold. She can’t get off work ( that’s what happens when you become an adult sometimes) but I’ll be meeting other friends in the city and staying with my friend Donna who is kind enough to open her home to me.

I’ll be updating everyone on the experience ( nightly if my fingers have thawed out enough from the cold!) Here is a link to see more of the details of what will be happening over the next few days.


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