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Attention Junkers and Dumpster Divers, Island Wide Yard Sale

Can you believe our good fortune? Our City is having an island wide yard sale on Saturday! Tables will be set up in various parts of the island, shops will having tables set up in front with clearance prices, people are cleaning out their garages, attics and basements to offer rock bottom, yours for the taking prices!

I know alot of you are followers of the Shabby Chic principal of decorating, the more worn and loved, the better it will look in your home! Personally I love the idea of recyling and finding new use for old things, so this is very appealing to me. So to have the entire island be one big place to find good junk is a dream come true!

See you on the island all day Saturday!

PS- my final moment of fame on MSNBC’s Morning Joe- Willie just did his week in review this morning and of course their time at The Dubliner was front and center. And yes, you could see Sidney and myself just over the shoulder of of Mika during several of the interviews! Ah, such great memories!!!

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