Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm



Open your photo files.  Open your phone pictures.  Open your wallet.  Open your photo albums.  Open  them one more time.

Count the smiles and wonderful memories you see.

When you count your blessings remember to say thanks to and for the brave men and women serving in our military and their families living in your community. 

We have a 100% voluntary military made up of less than 1% of our population.  They live in every town and city and state in our country and around the world.  You and I have many photos and memories to cherish and we should honor, celebrate, help, support and recognize the contributions of those who serve. 

Here are some of the smiles and great times we’ve celebrated at Mermaid Cottages and on Tybee Island.

Go to serve.gov and find out how you can help make a difference for our military soldiers and their families.  Don’t sit back thinking you don’t know what to do.  ASK.  VOLUNTEER.  Give our military families something to smile about!

It’s about doing our part.  It’s about honoring and showing respect for those who serve.  It about hugging and loving your friends and family because you can.  It’s about service.


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