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Mary Kay Andrews and the K-9 Caper

Ya’ll know we love our Mary Kay Andrews and the roars of laughter and adventure she brings to our Mermaid family!

Recently, she shared with us a fan letter she received from Canada.  Of course we were excited, too, because we get to meet her wonderful fans who come to Tybee just to stay in her beautiful Breeze Inn beach home.

When she showed us the email she was beaming about the wonderful sentiments of the writer, Christine Pharand.  Mary Kay Andrews was beaming and proud.  We were intrigued!

We say this with love.  Christine is a Border and Customs Officer with the Canada Border Services Agency.  And she’s a K-9 Officer.  The only thing we love more than our Mary Kay Andrews is a good, old fashioned scandal!  Having both in one was even better!

Had our Mary Kay Andrews somehow crossed the border into Canada while on one of her junking forays?  We’ve all been in danger before when Mary Kay has seen something interesting at an estate sale or junk pile and we happened to walk in between her and a treasured discovery.  Had she maybe run a covert operation across international lines just to pull something from  a trash pile?  Had the Canadian Border Patrol posted a capture order for our truant Mary Kay?

Well, as it turns out Christine really is a fan!  In addition to her search and rescue work that takes her and her K-9 team around the world, Christine also comes to Savannah to work with rescue training!  Christine and her rescue dogs, Boomer and Ranger, were in Savannah this weekend and made the trek over to Tybee to meet Mary Kay during her book signing and reading at Seaside Sisters’ Grand Re-Opening!

Take a look at these magnificent search and rescue dogs and the great fun everyone had meeting them with Christine.

Well, it was just another adventurous day in the life of our favorite low country author, Mary Kay Andrews!

Don’t worry Mary Kay.  If you do ever get picked up because of your wander lust you can count on us to show up during visiting hours.  What?  You don’t really think we’d pool our monies to bail you out, do you?

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