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Month: June 2011

We’re Running The Trash Out Of Town!

If you enjoyed the beauty of our Tybee Island beaches this weekend just thank the assortment of mermaids and mermen and visitors and wonderful locals that participated in the Mermaid Cottages Beach Sweep this past Friday!

We had so much fun we’re gonna do it again and this time we’re running the trash out of town!

Everyone is invited to join the Tybee Beautification Association for the next Beach Sweep on Monday, July 4th at 6:30 AM.  Meet us at the Tybee Pavilion to get your gloves, trash bags and trash grabbers and let’s show our Tybee Beach Pride and celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.  Also, it’s our way of welcoming our favorite moms from the sea, the Tybee Sea Turtles, and we want them to have the cleanest beaches for their nests!

Now, we’re not doing away with the word “trash” completely.  We still need plenty of “trash” talk for Pirate Fest, Beach Bum Weekend and for the opponents of our local sports teams.  The more we keep our beaches free of trash the more time we’ll have to indulge in “trash” talk fun!

Color Me COOL

Well, summer has officially begun which brings to mind that it’s hot, y’all.

Now, we won’t cross the sharing boundary by spouting from a long list of old timey sayings about just how hot it is (such as it’s hotter than a rooster’s feet with socks on), so let’s just say it can get hot enough that our freshness may expire from time to time.   There’s not much you can do other than sip on a glass of ice water while fanning yourself, but I’ve found that  if I can’t get down to the beach to make the best of the sun I can just think about the coolness of Tybee’s blue skies.

This time of year the skies above our quirky island are the coolest shade of blue and just looking at the color can drop the summer time temperatures faster than Calgon can take me away!  What’s even better is when those cool blue skies drift down onto some of our cottages and bathes them in its coolness.

Such is the case with our wonderful little Crabby Pirate.  Come take a tour and enjoy the cool blues that pop up and peek out at you from it’s cozy walls.  If you find yourself in a hot spot and need a little relief just play this video and let our cool blues chase your summer blues away.

And, hot or not, you can always give us a call and tell us you’re on your way.  The welcome mat will be out.  We’ll color you COOL.

Confessions Of A Social Butterfly

By Cottage Cheese

Who knew that a vacation with Mermaid Cottages could help you get so many Brownie points in life?

Often times I think, “Am I doing enough?  Could I be a better friend?  Do I put too much value on material things?  Is the world a better place with me in it?”  And then, I usually roll over in an attempt to make sure I tan evenly.  I’m at the beach. Gimme a break.

Well, for those of you (like me) that tend to carry around all the guilt and self loathing that a life long dose of  religion can bestow, things are looking up!  Socially Responsible Vacations.  Angels we have heard on high.  It’s like a day at the beach.  Literally.

If you didn’t get the message already this week and your soul is in mortal danger, just log onto Mermaid Cottages, follow our blog, LIKE us on Facebook and click on that twitter birdie thing.  You could be out on the beach with us right now wearing your best beach frock, gloves in hand, trash bags in tow and carrying one of those fancy grabber-picker upper things. We’re out tidying up our beautiful beach this morning and learning about how to better support and protect our wonderful Sea Turtles during nesting season! It’s our modern day beach party and everyone’s invited!  If you couldn’t make it today, start making plans to join us for the next one.  In the meantime, if your conscience gets to hurting you too bad you can always pick up extra bags of our wonderful Mermaid Cottages Morning Bliss Coffee to support Sea Turtle Conservation on Tybee Island and around the world and our delicious, all natural Beach Bum Biscuits to help sponsor Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.

They say confession is good for the soul.  I say an little self indulgence makes for a happy, well rounded beach bum.  Together they help you create marvelous Memories At The Beach!

It’s the best kind of Cottage Cheese!  I’m still tossing up curds and doing it my whey!



Summer Rental Success!

Have you picked up your copy yet? Everyone at Mermaid Cottages has, and we’re super excited about Summer Rental! Mary Kay Andrews‘ newest book debuted at #5 on the New York Times Best Sellers List!

Debuted at #5 on the NY Times Best Sellers List!

Of course, we knew all along it was bond for success. Each and every book Mary Kay Andrews has written is addictive and keeps us turning the page. Summer Rental is certainly no exception! So, what in the world are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today and see what all the fuss is about!

Mermaid Tales: Southern Cross Proud

Our Southern Cross Cottage was the 2011 poster child of the tour!

We are so proud! Mermaid Cottages’ Southern Cross Cottage was the poster child of the 2011 Tybee Island Tour of Homes!

Relax...southern style!

The tour was so much fun. It’s really such a great way to see the amazing homes Tybee has to offer and help out a great cause -the campaign to restore the Historic Tybee Post Theater. It’s a big deal on Tybee, and it is such an honor to have been included in the tour. Of course, we were even more ecstatic to find out a Mermaid Cottage was the tour’s poster child for this year!

Southern Cross Cottage is such a gem and we are so proud to call it a part of the Mermaid Cottages Family!