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Holiday Newsletters and good wishes, updates and kids growing up!.

I may be the only person in the world that really and truly loves receiving those holiday newsletters from friends and family. Since I just arrived home last night, I had a reading Marathon of cards and notes. Loved it!
I’ve lived so many places and have such a varied group of friends- many of which are so kind to keep me on their Holiday Card lists – I truly enjoy watching kids grow up yearly thru their Christmas Card. I always say to myself I need to send cards out next year, but never quite get to it… and now with my blog , my excuse is I can keep people updated daily on Tybee Life and adventures!

Besides receiving all the newsletters , I love to see the creativity of the cards sent. So many cards this years are focusing on the hope of change in our country. We all want to prosper and the focus on working together and moving forward was inspiring.

One of my favorite messages of good will was from my friend Cindy Lou who lives in Los Angeles. I asked if I could share and here it is. Very simple, but what great wishes for 2009!

meaningful friendships
eternal youth
fresh beginnings
epicurean fantasies
joie de vivre
restful weekends
good will
healthy living
great music
dancing ‘til dawn
cooking at home
sunny days
lasting love
starry nights
a social whirl
fin de siecle
spiritual fulfillment
positive energy
enlightening journeys
traditional values
good health
sweet dreams

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to an outstanding 2009!

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