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Yep, I"m back on Tybee

Two wonderful weeks of holidays, I really had a wonderful time with my family and friends! Made the long drive home, first dropping Katie off in Asheville , then finally arriving home today!

Driving through Savannah with those beautiful live oak trees, then down the Tybee road across all the marsh …. so good to be home! My back home routine always includes checking everything outs, so I drove the island, checking on the cottages and making sure everyone was fine . All is good! I was driving down S. Campbell Ave looking at Fiddler on the Creek and saw a true Tybee sight which made me not only smile, but realize, yep I’m no longer in Delaware!

Walking down the street pushing a baby stroller was a very normal looking lady. Hair was a little black as in Elvis dyed black ( the old Las Vegas Elvis, not the young slim Elvis), but hey, not a biggie. The dogs started barking like crazy and I realized that she was pushing her perisan cat in the cat cage, not a baby…. The cage was necessary because the cat may just not like being pushed down the street so that poor cat needed to be caged because gosh darn it, that cat was going for a walk rather she liked it or not! Tybee, it’s good to be home!

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