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Youtube and Mermaid Cottages

Ok all, this is the participation part of the blog. We need your feedback. We’ve posted three You tube video’s of our cottages- A Mermaid’s Tale, Under the Tybee Sun and then a video of one of our families walking from these two cottage past Nora’s Cottage ( since they are all side by side on 2nd Ave) . I really love You tube as many of you know ( you can find a video on anything in the world you want it seems!) and my goal is to have video’s of not only all the cottages, but have my guests, my homeowners and anyone who is inspired to post a video of their Mermaid Cottage experience on You tube.

Here’s where I need your help…..
I’d like to ask you to click on the link here and watch the three video’s and rate them. I’d also love your feedback- was the video clear and easy to see? What other cottages would you like to see next on You tube? Do you want us to talk about the cottage or just show the home like we did here? I value your thoughts and feedback and really look forward to any and all comments.


Thank you all!

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